Welcome to the Shop at de Boer Media, now offering exclusive COVID-19 Safety™ Signage to help you prepare your film or television production for a safe return to work!

Whether you need signs for your sets, stage, shops or production offices, we’ve got the placards, banners and decals to get your operations up and running quickly and smoothly: production zone markers, Health Safety signage (Covid Compliance), hand hygiene, PPE and physical distancing reminders, cleaning and disinfecting equipment reminders, entrance and exit markers, and much more!

Need multiples? We offer tiered pricing on our signs so that you can get all of the signage you need without breaking the bank!

We also customize! If you’re interested in our signage, but want to change colors or wording, we can help! 

Please call us at 212.316.0026 to inquire.

Shop Covid-19 Safety™ Signage.

Zone Signage now available in 4 different colors

Zone Signage